Apart from poor bearing ground our system can overcome problems with heave.

Light weight structures such as single storey building and especially conservatories can suffer from heave. A process where swelling of certain types of clay cause upward movement and ultimately sinking as moisture content changes in the sub soils
This can be eliminated with the pile technique incorporating heave protecting clay board and specially prepared slip piles

Furthermore tree problems local to a project can be addressed
It is not always possible to correctly manage nearby trees, for instance situated in a neighbouring garden, but with piling and suitable protection against root invasion the problem can be overcome.

Girl Guiding Uk Project
Girl Guiding Uk project
Project requiring heave protection

We carried out this foundation work for Girl Guiding UK to provide foundation for disabled facilities
The very close proximity of the preservation order oak tree
dictated the use of heave protection
The project was overseen by local building control due to the nature of the work and designed by our structural engineer