The Process

ground beam steel cage and pile being filled and vibrated

Once the piles have been installed the reinforcing Steel is fabricated on site to sit on the piles ( minimal lead time due to use of stock materials)

This "cage" consists of reinforcing steel with linking steel at the designed intervals. The cage is further attached to the piles to transfer the loads deep down to where firm strata has been found

The next stage is to concrete the the cage to form a supporting ground beam. the concrete is vibrated to eliminate air pockets and ensure that the piles are full of concrete.

Typically the ground beam excavation would be 450mm deep and 450mm wide depending on cavity wall width. This is far less wasteful of expensive concrete if deep foundations require trench fill or additional blockwork and associated labour to reach ground level

The foundation is now ready for ourselves or your builder to continue as if the foundation was traditional

Our system is ideal for domestic applications