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We specialise in problem ground solution using a driven pile system

Problem ground may be due to a variety of reasons

Made up ground requiring deep excavations to reach suitale bearing strata

Brown field sites with previous ground disturbance

Nearby trees causing heave or shrinkage

Our Solution

To install driven piles to reach suitable load bearing strata deep underground without the need for invasive and possibly unstabilising deep excavations

Our system utilises "mini" piles of 100mm diameter, which are suitable for most domestic extentions and conservatories Typically 60kn capacity per pile

Piling does not have to involve large, heavy machinery our system only requires minimal access

Having worked for several high profile national home improvement companies, we have developed very efficient, high quality, clean and tidy working practice. Consideration and Respect for the clients property paramount.

For larger load requirements we can offer 130 mm diameter driven piles
or constant flight augered piles for high load projects and where access and space are not so restricted

pile being driven to firm bearing strata with grundomat hammer
Pile driven to reach firm bearing strata
design to suit the load dictates pile postion
Piles ready to support ground beam